Dibyasree Nandy

Dibyasree Nandy, 30 years old, began writing three years ago after completing M.Sc and M.Tech. She has authored eight books, 'The Labyrinth of Silent Voices-Epistles from the Mahabharata', 'Stardust: Haiku and Other Poems', 'Studded with Rubies; A Hundred Short Stories', 'Marchen of Newer Days', 'Liebeslied', 'Windflower', ‘Surrogate’ and ‘Cherry and Camellia’. Her works may be found in The Pine Cone Review, Literary Cocktail Magazine, White Enso, Open Skies Anthology, Dragonflies and Fairies, Ghostly Ghouls and Haunted Happenings, Dark Reflections Anthology, Brown Sugar, Haus-A Haunted House Anthology, LitGleam, Mediterranean Poetry, Abominable-A Monster Anthology, Seaglass Literary, 10 by 10 Flash Fiction, Double Speak Magazine, Soul Anthology, Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge-A Sherlock Holmes Society Publication, Indian Periodical, Aroma of Notion, Kaidankai-A 100 Japanese Ghost Stories, Wonders of Winter, The Telegraph, Soulmate Syndrome Anthology, Mocking Owl Roost, Wishbone Words, The Tenth Muse, Written Tales, Starlit Bridges, EKL Review, The Poet Magazine, Red Rose Thorns, Myths Legends and Lore, The Culture Cult Casebook and Flash of the Dead. She has been awarded 'Author of the Month' by Story Mirror twice and has won three contests arranged by said organisation. Her first book has been enlisted in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature. She lives with her parents and grandma.
Dibyasree has written the poem, The Rain Dragon, which features in our anthology, A Flight of Dragons. 


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