Mary Jo Rabe


Mary Jo Rabe grew up on a farm in eastern Iowa, got degrees from Michigan State University (German and mathematics) and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (library science) where she became a late-blooming science fiction reader and writer. She worked in the library of the chancery office of the Archdiocese of Freiburg, Germany for 41 years, and lives with her husband in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany.

She has published "Blue Sunset", inspired by Spoon River Anthology and The Martian Chronicles, electronically and has had stories published in Fiction River, Pulphouse, Penumbric Speculative Fiction, Alien Dimensions, 4 Star Stories, Fabula Argentea, Crunchy with Chocolate, The Lorelei Signal, The Lost Librarian's Grave, Draw Down the Moon, Dark Horses, Wyldblood Magazine, and other magazines and anthologies.

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Mary has contributed to the anthology, A Flight of Dragons with her story, To Hear the Bats on Christmas Day.


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