Lily of Lumley Castle

Discover the haunting truth behind the legend of Lily Lumley... 

There is a well-known local legend surrounding the mysterious Lumley Castle Hotel. It is said that in 1390, Lady Lily Lumley, wife to Sir Ralph Lumley, had been murdered by two priests for refusing to convert to Catholicism. Lily was poisoned and her body thrown into a deep and secluded well in the castle grounds. Her cruel and untimely death was covered up, Sir Ralph believing that his beloved wife had chosen a life of solitude as a nun. 

The first book in The Copperheart Legacy series sees aspiring paranormal investigator, Alice, and her assistant, Sebastien, stay for the weekend at the reputedly haunted Lumley Castle Hotel to investigate reported sightings of the spirit of Lady Lily. Lumley Castle’s resident spiritualists, Anabelle and Ted, guide them as they seek to uncover the truth behind the age-old legend, but they quickly end up taking on more than they bargained for when a long-forgotten magical past is unearthed that could rewrite the entire history of The Lumley Castle Estate. 

Does Lady Lily communicate from beyond the grave in a bid to help Alice and Sebastien to uncover the truth, or is something far more extraordinary about to unfold? One thing is certain - Alice and Sebastien’s weekend trip to Lumley Castle sees their fate sealed forever, by means far beyond their control.  


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