A Coven of Witches - Author List

First of all, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for submitting your work for consideration. We were inundated with stories and poems, receiving almost four hundred submissions! Thank you! As you can probably imagine, we were tasked with a difficult job in compiling our final author list. But after almost two months of consideration... here it is!

📚 Laura Elizabeth Buckley - The Witch in the Wrong

📚 K Austin Hackett - The Goodwomen

📚 Christopher Weston - Trinkets of War

📚 Ron Hardwick - A Witch's Promise

📚 Anna Stein - When the Ground Forbids it, I will Dance With You in the Sky

📚 Cidney Mayes - Citadel

📚 Josh Reynolds - Apotropaios

📚 Warren Benedetto - They Say Crows Can Remember Faces

📚 Julia C Lewis - Swimming the Witch

📚 Sean Donaghue Johnston - Lavender's Blue

📚 Renee C Mulhare - An Unconventional Witch

📚 LL Garland - Where Old Wood Decays

📚 Matthew Spence - The Woman Who Loved Cats

📚 Martin Eastland - Dark Harvest

📚 Matt Bliss - Maven Gift and Shame. Your Name is Dismay

📚 Paul Wilson - Trampoline

📚 Ephiny Gale - Sickly Sweet

📚 R J Ren - The Bipolar Express

📚 Helen E Patterson - A Cure For a Broken Heart

📚 Oliver Smith - Maenad

📚 Heather C Page - The House on Hawthorn Road

Release Date, 31st of October 2023!


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