Anthology Submissions

Submissions for our next anthology 

'Secrets of the Snow Globe' 

will open soon... 

We're looking for short stories between 4000 -10,000 words. They must be set at Christmas and a snow globe must feature. Accepted genres are fantasy and horror,  as well as all sub genres of the two. 

Submissions will open on the 1st of August and close 31st of August.

Please send your work to us as a Word document with no headers/footers and no page numbers. We will accept one submission per author. 

Successful authors will receive a £10 payment, and it's free to submit your work to us for consideration.

Please send your submissions to

You can keep up to date with our submission calls by following us on Twitter and Facebook


  1. You want submissions posted here? I don't understand your process.

    1. You have to email it to them. Their email is


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