A Flight of Dragons - Authors List

Thank you to each and every writer who submitted to our very first anthology, A Flight of Dragons. We were delighted at the response to our call, and as such, it has been an extremely difficult task to decide on the final pieces that will be included in the anthology. The standard of work was exceptionally high, and we enjoyed reading each and every one of your short stories and poems. 

Please find the list of successful submissions below. All successful writers will be contacted via email by the end of the week. 

📚 Andrew Murphy - Tumble Dry Low

📚 Jessica Turnbull - Orange to Blue

📚 Linda M Crate - The Summoner of the Jade Dragons

📚 Andrew Murphy - Most Treasured

📚 Jason P Burnham - The Wyvern's Wintercearig

📚 Stephen S Power - The Water Dragon's Lark

📚 Sean E Britten - Slaying Dragons

📚 Matias F Travieso-Diaz - The Dragon's Bite

📚 Jibril Stevenson - Chema Valdez and the Terror of the Sierra Madre

📚 Alex Souza - The Dragon Behind the Door

📚 Mark Mills - Son of a Salamander

📚 Alex Evans - The Egg

📚 Joachim Hiejndermans - Beyond the Red Dunes

📚 Ismail Ahmed - The House-Berg on the Lake

📚 Dibasree Nandy - The Rain Dragon

📚 Ben Sawyer - The Wormwood Play

📚 J D Byrne - The Dragon of the Bailey

📚 Mary Jo Rabe - To Hear the Bats on Christmas Day

📚 K Reilly - Hiraeth

📚 Rohan Magerman - Call of the Sky

📚 Oliver Smith - Dragon Ground

📚 L N Hunter - Dragons, Damsels, and Danish Pastries

📚 Marisca Pichette - I am Drake Enduring


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